Ryan Harvey


My name is Ryan Harvey and Welcome to Solid Creations!

Woodworking has been an interest of mine since as far back as I can remember.  I grew up watching New Yankee Workshop and This old House on PBS every weekend since I was 4 years old.  When I was in junior high I was able to take wood shop with one of my top 3 favorite teachers; Mr. Jeff Still.  It was his class where I found out how much of an interest I really had in woodworking.   When I was 18 I decided to enlist into the Marine Corps where I served 9 years and I was Honorably discharged in 2010.

I decided to start my own business because I was extremely frustrated with the fact that whenever I went to look at furniture to buy I constantly see sub-par materials combined with sub-par craftsmanship which equals overpriced pile of particle board in within 2 years.  I wanted unique high quality furniture that would last generations however, whenever I found a piece that I really liked the price would be so astronomically high I would be forced to settle with the best I could afford which was never really that great.  While I was in the Marines I knew how to build what I wanted, but I never had the space.  Now that I have an outstanding workshop, I have all the space I need to craft top-notch items.  (who am I kidding?  Who wouldn’t want a bigger space for more awesome toys!)  I want to help you by creating the perfect piece that you need for a down to earth price.

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